Diane J Wright

  • Facial Reflexologist 
  • Reiki Master 
  • Emotions Freedom Coach 
  • Linguistic Therapy 

 Facial Reflexology is similar to foot reflexology. Face Reflexology works on pressure points on the face and head correlated with different areas of the body. It assist the body to heal from the inside out, removing toxins and impurities all while adding the benefits of rebuilding your collagen, lifting, firming all at the same time. Face Reflexology is great for people looking for lymphatic drainage, toxin release, who get headaches, have sinus issues, jaw pain, want lifting of the neck and facial muscles, want to reduce acne and wrinkles, and more.  

Reiki is the Japanese translation, literally means ‘ Universal life energy’ Reiki works to re-align your electromagnetic frequencies and removes emotional & energetic blocks while allowing for soul learning, healing & spiritual growth. It’s gentle and effective, assisting all areas of the body. Since energetic imbalances can manifest as physical ailments or emotional issues, Intuitive Energy Healing sessions help eliminate mental/emotional distress like anxiety, depression & insomnia. 

 Emotional Freedom Coaching is a way to release trapped emotions that can cause illness. It helps to support your body, energy and emotions at a cellular level. this tapping technique can help clients to release trauma and grief at a deeper level. 

Linguistic Therapy helps you to recognize the words, thoughts and feelings we use and how the unconscious mind can give knowledge to the conscious mind so you can make the necessary changes to improve your life and outcome. By using different techniques it can help with trauma, feeling of being stuck and grief. 


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