Diane J. Wright

  • Trauma Release Coach
  • EFT Tapping
  • Reiki Master

Trauma Release Coaching and EFT Tapping  is a way to release trapped emotions that can cause illness, pain and long term diseases.  I assist you to get to the root cause of your trauma so I can support you to help you heal yourself. These techniques help to support your body, mind, energy and emotions at a deeper level. This tapping technique along with addressing the root cause allows my clients  to release trauma and grief at a deeper level. Therefore, it allows themselves to be free from the stuck, helpless, angry feelings.

Reiki is a Japanese technique. Reiki works to re-align your chakras and removes emotional & energetic blocks, while allowing for  healing & spiritual growth. It’s gentle and effective, assisting all areas of the body. Since energetic imbalances can manifest as physical ailments or emotional issues, Intuitive Energy Healing sessions help eliminate mental/emotional clutter that can make you experience an imbalance in your life. 


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